Master Set, 119 Watercolors, handmade paint, handcrafted watercolor

Artistic Isle

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Master Watercolor Set

In a custom wooden palette Box, with vellum sheet to protect your studio set, each color will come individually wrapped. 

Included- Blank Watercolor Swatch

This Gorgeous Set includes most colors ever made at Artistic Isle. A one of a kind special Edition collection. There is only ONE** in existence. 

All watercolor pans are magnetized to adhere to the custom tin bottom.

approximately 150 pans should fit in the palette box. There is room on top of the paints for supplies once the vellum sheet is set on top 


119 colors

13 full pans

106 half Pans

Titanium White, Sparkler, Naples Yellow, Bismuth Yellow, Azo Yellow, Indian Yellow, Sunrise Ocher, Gold Ocher, Tuscan Sun, Light yellow ocher, goldenrod, cinnamon Pumpkin, Pompeii Orange, Ercolano Orange, Burnt Orange, Coral Blossom

Silver Nova, Lumos, Natural Gold, Milky Way, Solaris, Irish Gold, Unicorn, Lightning, Golden Pumpkin, Equinox, Italian Rose, Nova, Wild Orchid, Berry Christmas, Hibiscus

Burnt Sienna, Indian red Deep, Myan Red, Quinacridone Red Violet, Quinacridone Magenta, Carmine, Phoenix, French Vermilion, Summers Strawberry, Venetian Red, Red Alder, Deep Red Gold, Spiced Cider, Cabernet

Teak, Hickory, Scarlet Hematite, Party Dress, Elder Wand, Asteroid, Eye of Newt, Kryptonite, Lotus Blossom, Sea Green, Jade Green, Clover, Sea Glass, Sap Green, Pine, Jungle Green, Ethereal Emerald

Poseidon, Sea Foam, Blue Pearl, Kai Lani, Ignotus, Winter Green, Grass Green, Pastel Teal, Aquamarine, Dragon, Fresh Mint, Forest Green, Olive, Sap Green Deep

Jack Frost, Aquarius, Cobalt Teal, Ultramarine Blue, Moon Shadow, Sky, Egyptian Blue, Grey Starr, Storm Indigo, Caribbean, Hydrangea , Jadeite Genuine, Phthalo Green


Cerulean, Frosted Lilac, pastel Rose, Passion flower, charming, orchid, Eclipse, Mystic Rose, Lavender, French Ultramarine, Imperial Purple, Wisp, Hocus Pocus, Wolfs Bane


Prussian Blue, Black Magic, Luna, ultra Violet, African violet 1, African violet 2, manganese Violet, Marble, Thunder, Meteor, Nox, graphite grey, Noir, Vine Black